Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What happend to the melting pot?

By now you have probably heard the controversy surrounding Focus on the Family's thirty second super bowl ad staring heizman trophy winner Tim Tebow; and if you haven't you should watch it for yourself. This middle of the road commercial has spun some pro-choice head shouting anti-abortion. If you can believe it these activists still have whiplash.

USA Today has posted some research results of viewer responses: link

Culturally it's sad that our activists bullying society in to indifference: what happend to the melting pot? This place where we could thrive and mix and share. We burned with passion for our diversity. Now, what? At least we had that.

This is the image today:
A place where icons spend our money, and tell us who to be, as long as it doesn't get too deep we'll live in complacency. Where our exsistance is silly, and our ethics aquitted. And the only thing brough into question is comfort, conveinence, and pleasure. Noise will surround us till we fall to the stuper that rings in our ears, even in silence. So cynically, yes! Let's talk about equality and corporate responsibility as long as it means nothing and doesn't effect our body.

(Revelations 3:15-19)

This is so much the cry of my heart; to see people love hard without burnishing others. After all every faith is a journey to understand more about who we are, not what we are, do, or have; but the greater feeling of purpose that comes from the freedom of believing you are lasting and loved. I don't claim to be the epitomy of the things I believe, but knowing I am part of the journey is enough for me.
So, for me this hits home especially close because the only thing that makes marketing worth doing is to think that I can make a difference with it. That I can share the revelation that we are all on this journey together, but individually; and I hope that you will not ignore it like anti-this-and-thats tell us to.

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