Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cannes Lions 55th advertising Festival

During my experience at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, I had the privilege of listening to, and learning from, some of the best producers of advertising in the world. As they characterized themselves by stories of redemption, accolades, and innovation it became increasingly clear that these companies were not solely dependent on cash, or cleverness, but passion. These are the great businesses of our time and they are alive. Each technique or creative strategy was implemented to live another day. As life is to an individual, I am convinced that success is to every business - it cannot be formulated.

The most riveting experience I had at the festival was listening to the speakers on activism. They strived to connect with all walks of life, and do so freely and with such care. I am guilty of imagining marketing as a self-righteous, profit driven, sin machine. So these activist messages intrigue me. They are so closely related to the Christian message I hold so dearly. I believe we are meant to breakdown the ugly, corrupt, jaded, and unbelievable moments of our lives to find ourselves, and these people were helping others find themselves. Christianity and advertising alike try to hide these dilemmas in their attitudes, and in ignorance. These activists, however, have become martyrs for causes that I believe the Bible inspires. Among the chaos of sinfulness and injustice of organization they create an escape, reveal truth, and offer love as a peace offering.

The truth is always harder to believe, but we can learn to care. The most successful companies care about their consumers, just as activists do, and their consumers knows that they care by deliberate acknowledgements and involvement. This is where the novelties of interactive media come from. These ideas are important because it is activism of human life and just as the message of activism targets passion, the truth will always transcend the criticism of mankind.

Their greatness is obvious, but their notoriety, wealth, and achievements did not inspire me. It was their passion, the vibrancy of their words that made me wonder how their activism was related to me. I am amazed at how something as complicated as an individual’s passion could be explained through metaphors of business.







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